Navigator Elder Homes of New England is proud to be a Development Partner of The Green House Project™, homes, initially in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts including Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. These homes, designed to serve 12-elders each will provide an aging population with options for Assisted Living, Supportive Housing, Skilled Nursing Care and Independent Living.

A key aspect of Navigator’s development projects includes identified space (wherever possible) for the inclusion of Workforce Housing. The ability to attract and retain healthcare workers is critical to the success of elder care facilities and homes. Provisions for access to housing for the workforce will aid in reducing staff turn-over.

Continuity of Care

Independent Living

Independent Living homes are for those who are living without the requirements for regular aided personal care, meals, or nursing services. These individuals often seek the comfort of living in community with others to share social time and a variety of housekeeping services, including meals.

Assisted Living

Assisted living residence or assisted living facility (ALF) is a housing facility for people with disabilities or for adults who cannot or choose not to live independently. In the most generic sense, Assisted Living facilities provide a group living environment and may accommodate a comprehensive “menu” of services. Navigator Elder Homes of New England offers a variety of options for Assisted Living within the Green House Project™, model.

Skilled Nursing

Navigator Elder Homes will aim to meet the increasing demand for innovative models to provide Skilled Nursing Care, including significant development of Green House homes licensed as Skilled Nursing communities. Skilled Nursing is defined as a type of health care given when a resident needs skilled nursing or rehabilitation staff to manage, observe, and evaluate care. Nursing physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are considered skilled care by Medicare. Navigator Elder Homes provides both long-term and short-term skilled nursing care.

Supported Elder Housing

As part of an expanded mission to assist low-income elders gain access to the Assisted Living level of care, Navigator is exploring funding available through a variety of community-based frail and elderly waiver programs and federal and state funds, plus becoming certified as a PACE provider. (Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) Other communities in the country have successfully supported elders in Green House Project Assisted Living homes utilizing available PACE funds as supplemental funding for housing, meals and personal care. The demand for assisted living far outweighs existing options, and with the usual means of private pay, monthly costs can easily exceed $5,500; thus, elders who rely solely on Social Security and limited savings cannot afford this frequently best option for appropriate care.

Dementia Care

Navigator Elder Homes of New England, LLC will team with The Green House Project™ to partner jointly with nursing homes and stakeholder organizations in Massachusetts to develop and implement teaching tools, techniques and materials that support the safe and person-centric care of residents with dementia.

The innovative approach proposed, includes the implementation of the cutting-edge Best Life Initiative which empowers direct care staff to partner with those living with dementia. By equipping team members to identify and build on each of the elder’s abilities, Best Life ensures that Nursing homes in Massachusetts can fulfill its mission to create meaningful life for all elders.

Best Life is built on Green House core values of meaningful life, empowered staff and real home. These values have shifted the paradigm of elder care, addressed biases and deinstitutionalized thinking. They serve as the strong foundation for optimal and life-affirming memory care.

Management Services

Navigator’s founders have over 80 years of combined history as funders, owners, managers and operators of health care facilities, including skilled nursing homes, assisted living and other housing. Thus, Navigator will devise a customized approach to define a set of management services in support of partnerships with hospitals, traditional skilled nursing homes or assisted living.