Navigator Elder Homes of New England was founded to promote a radical shift in the paradigm of traditional care of the elderly and those with dementia to a culture of care that is life affirming for each unique individual, regardless of age, physical or mental limitations or their ability to pay. Navigator was formed as the result of a group of women professionals with extensive healthcare experience who recognized the need for a better way of providing long term care. We are dedicated to developing a highly trained, compassionate staff who are well prepared to provide a real home to those in our care and who find deep meaning and satisfaction in their work. We are also committed to developing workforce housing when needed. We envision building new homes based on The Green House Project model and transforming legacy homes into environments that promote person-centered care as well as helping others to plan, build and manage these homes.

Calling All Elders

With little fanfare, a group of dedicated Islanders is close to breaking ground on a new kind of nursing home for the Vineyard. 

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“Green Houses are nothing less than a revolution” –Wall Street Journal

The Green House Journey Amid the Pandemic

Smaller is better

In the Green House model, residents live in houses of just 10 to 12 people, each with their own room and bathroom.

In Massachusetts and elsewhere across the country, there is insufficient senior housing, and what exists is usually too expensive. Far too often, institutional housing options for elders lead to impersonal living conditions for residents and impersonal working conditions for staff — to the detriment of both. read more


Our mission is to enable elders to live the most meaningful life possible in our Navigator homes. We are passionate about fostering control, dignity, and a sense of well-being for elders, their families, caregivers and direct care staff.

Find the Right Care

Navigator Elder homes, in addition to developing Green House homes, is also an Elder/Senior Living management company. Operating skilled nursing homes, assisted living, supported assisted living and independent living homes are all key aspects to fulfill our mission. As seen on the map, several projects are underway on Cape Cod and on Martha’s Vineyard. Navigator Elder Homes forms joint venture partnerships with existing organizations engaged in housing, health care and long-term care to co-develop the expansion of Green House Project™, homes to accelerate the emerging desire in this country for innovation and greater options for small house living environments for elders and other populations.

Navigator Growth Strategies

While initially starting in New England, Navigator Elder Homes has initiated plans for teaming with like-minded developers in other East coast states to co-develop Green House homes. Navigator’s leaders have significant experience in scaling businesses in health care while educating the public. In creating options for housing for older adults, Navigator blends the value of partnerships with speed to market and attention to quality to meet the critical market demands.

Navigator Strategic Partnerships

In the relationship between The Green House Project and Navigator Elder Homes, a development partnership is born! Given the fast-growing base of older adults in the New England states, and particularly Cape Cod and the South coast, Navigator is aggressively developing projects of mutual benefit. Whether in partnership with hospitals or elder service organizations, Navigator is a leader in creative win-win solutions for age and dementia-friendly communities.

Navigator Innovation

Baby boomers will no longer accept that living in skilled nursing care means spending life in a small room, a shared bath with a curtain between two people. Innovation in offering new residential communities which are age and dementia friendly is best demonstrated by the integration of Green House homes (fully licensed as skilled nursing as needed ) mixed in with workforce housing supported housing and assisted living.

While these types of communities have been known as “continuing care communities”, Navigator proposes the use of new language and encouraging multi-generational homes which include for example, child care. Other innovation within Navigator’s development communities will include the use of “smart” homes fully integrated for all of today’s “high-tech” options. Navigator’s mission will continue to push the limits of innovation by bringing available national and international evidence-based practices to every home and community.



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